Power Off Stall

Preflight Briefing:

Complete clearing turns before every performance maneuver—usually at least 180° change in direction, looking for traffic (Jeppesen Private Pilot pg. 4-6)

Power off stall Procedure

Power 40%

Full Flaps (below proper airspeeds)in order of Flaps App/Gear/Flaps LDG

Gear Down

82 kts and 500 fpm descent

Power idle, pitch up


Max Power

Pitch for Horizon

Flaps, Gear, Flaps = UP

Power cruise




Technical Subject Areas:

Visual scanning/collision avoidance

Preflight preparation

Preflight procedures

Airport operations

Traffic patterns

Takeoff and climb

Power-off stall

  • Clearing Turns
  • Power to 30%
  • Bug a heading
  • Maintain altitude as you put the flaps and gear down
  • Establish a descent as if coming into land
  • Select an altitude to descend to (2-300 feet below original altitude)
  • Pitch up to maintain at the newly selected altitude until the buffet
  • Recover:
  • Max Power
  • Pitch to horizon
  • Flaps Approach immediately
  • After reverse of trend, gear up, flaps up

After landing

Parking & securing


Special Emphasis Areas:

Positive aircraft control

Positive exchange of flight controls

Visual scanning/collision avoidance

Stall/spin awareness


Post-Flight Debriefing:

Identify tasks that were completed to standards or above.

Identify and discuss tasks that were not completed to standards.

Record and grade completed tasks in the training record

Record training in the student’s logbook (reference the Areas of Operation above).

Give an assignment for the next flight session.


Next Assignment: Prepare for completing this lesson by reviewing tasks that were not performed to standards. If all tasks were performed to standards, assign the next lesson’s required material.