Private Pilot Certification Checklist

I recently added some things to the Private Pilot page. When reading the FARs, I would often find myself flipping through different sections of the book to read all the exceptions to the laws. So for that reason, I added links to all part 91 and 61 references. The links will lead you to the current regulations. I hope this will help you piece together the regulations easier.
Secondly, I broke out a few of the regulations to include checklists for private pilot logging requirements, separated for ground vs. ground and flight training. I included a field for you to put the dates logged in the student’s logbook. This will hopefully give you an idea what you still need to train on and log.
Hopefully that is helpful for you! Keep the blue side up!
P.S. I stumbled on some of Steve-o’s YouTube videos. Check it out if you get a chance.