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Come back and see where all the latest online resources are. Easy to find links to common books published by the FAA. Search through digital copies to find your answers.


Spend your money on flying. This website is a free resource to help answer common questions about what to expect in your flight training.

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Define Aviation

I want to define aviation to it's clearest and simplest form. This is a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about aviation. I hope that students and instructors alike will use the simple explanations, definitions, videos, and pictures to teach and learn so well that you and your students cannot misunderstand. The goal is to have the most useful aviation references all in one simple, easy, media rich place. Please leave your feedback on what material you would like me to add next. This is a big work in progress and I'm open to your feedback. Enjoy the resources and send me anything you would like on the website to teach with; I'll be sure to add it! If you are interested in contributing by creating pages in an easy to use drag and drop format, please fill out the form and let me know what pages you want to create!

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